June 3, 2022

Opiate Antagonist Subgrant Agreement Remarks

Watch my comments on the importance of nasal narcan, which all Maple Grove Police Officers have in their squad cars, and school resource officers carry with them, to prevent deaths from an opioid overdose. Residents can get trained and carry narcan too! Find out how.

Thank you, Mr. Mayor. This is a motion to approve and authorize the chief of police to execute a subgrant with the Metropolitan Emergency Services Board using Minnesota Department of Health funding to reimburse the city for the purchase of Narcan.


Although the funding amount is quite small compared to most of the budgetary items we deal with, I pulled this item to draw attention to the fact that our police department has Narcan in every patrol vehicle and available to all school resource officers. I feel this is vitally important because of the proliferation of opioids nationally. Narcan can prevent death from a drug overdose and there are minimal risks to administering it. Councilreceives a weekly update from the police chief, and in the most recent update, he described a call where officers had to administer several doses of Narcan to revive a person enough so they could be safely transported to the hospital. I applaud our police department for equipping our professionals with this life-saving tool.


I also encourage Maple Grove residents to get trained, too, if you feel so inclined. The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office partners with a community nonprofit to offer free opioid education and Narcan training classes. The next one will be held virtually, April 4th at 5 p.m., so tomorrow, and it lasts about one hour. After the class they will mail you 2doses of nasal Narcan. You can easily find the link to sign up by visiting the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page or their website, Once again, thank you, Mr. Mayor for letting me give this PSA. I’ll move approval of the subgrant between the MESB and City of Maple Grove.

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