My Objectives

I am running for Maple Grove City Council to bring a fresh perspective.

The needs of our rapidly growing community continue to become more diverse. Our leadership also needs to adapt by inviting residents to the table to understand and then meet those needs. Great things are possible at the local government level with partnership and innovation!

Maple Grove is a wonderful place to live, with a vibrant business community and a neighborly, hometown spirit. By 2040, the city will be mostly developed. Over the next few years, we will have a unique chance to continue to grow as a city in a way that will help our citizens thrive economically, professionally, and personally, while balancing natural resource protection. We can also take meaningful steps to ensure our community is accessible, safe, healthy, and inclusive for everyone. Four key issues I will advance are natural resources and sustainability; diversity, equity and inclusion; housing and residential development; and public safety. Natural Resources and Sustainability

Natural Resources and Sustainability

One of our biggest strengths is our amazing natural resources, with many acres of open space, park land, lake shores, and miles of wooded trails within the city . The City of Maple Grove has led on environmental sustainability initiatives in the past, and I support continuing and expanding the work.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

It’s important for all our residents to feel welcome in our city. We now know more about our residents, thanks to the 2020 US Census data, which gives us insight into how Maple Grove’s population has changed. Our total population has risen above 70,000, an increase of more than 11,000 residents, or 14%, since 2010. The percentage of non-white residents has increased to almost 23%, compared to about 15% in 2010. We should celebrate and honor the uniqueness of our neighbors!

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Housing and Residential Development

Maple Grove has expanded its residential capacity dramatically over the past 10 years, adding around 5,000 units of housing . During this period, there was a shift away from owner-occupied affordable housing toward market-rate and high-end rental units. It is easy to see the visual impact of the multistory apartment complexes that have been added throughout the city. Recently, the City of Maple Grove commissioned a housing study , finding a lack of affordable housing, especially for seniors. Residents 65 and older account for 13% of the population. Age-Friendly Maple Grove is advocating for more affordable senior housing near transportation hubs, the hospital, and retail centers, and some of these plans are underway.

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Public Safety and Community Outreach

We need to give our law enforcement the tools to guard the public, build trust and collaboration with the community, and return safely home each day. As someone with prior military service and immediate family in law enforcement, I understand the importance of ongoing training. MGPD trains at the North Metro Regional Public Safety Training Facility located in Maple Grove, which will soon receive a state-of-the-art upgrade to accommodate de-escalation and scenario-based training, enabled with virtual reality technology and role playing. This facility is an important asset not only to us, but also to several other agencies.

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