May 26, 2022

Mayor's Monarch Pledge Proclamation Remarks

Watch my comments about the Mayor's Monarch Pledge that the City of Maple Grove, MN - Local Government Council passed in its March 20 meeting. The city has been dedicated to creating butterfly and other pollinator habitats on its parks and public lands over the course of several years. I am delighted to support this work! My remarks included some information that residents can utilize for plantings on their private property if they feel so motivated! Including a few links below as well.

Link to full Mayor's Monarch Pledge Proclamation:

Link to Minnesota Board of Soil and Water Resources information for residents:

University of Minnesota Extension resources to help pollinators: info on Lawns to Legumes:

Remarks below: 

Mr. Mayor. I am thrilled that the city has signed onto the Monarch Pledge and I’m grateful for this proclamation which signals the city’s dedication to doing our part in protecting the vitality of the monarch butterfly.


This work has already started in Maple Grove. I’m proud of the beautiful native plantings the city has installed at Central Park and the pollinator plantings the Rotary Club of Maple Grove has done at some of our schools. My church, Maple Grove Lutheran, added a pollinator section to their community garden last year. I think this proclamation will inspire others to act.


Last summer, I asked professional naturalist Ab Fleming to provide residents with public education in a webinar format. They discussed ways that residents can help, which are in line with this proclamation. I want to share a couple of the resources They shared with us. Residents can find information on the MN Board of Water & Soil Resources website. The BWSR has published a “Planting for Pollinators” article that you can download from there. The University of Minnesota Extension also has some information about pollinators on their website. is another resource for residents that includes education, and grant opportunities residents can apply for such as the Lawns to Legumes program which includes cost-share funding of up to $350 to create pollinator habitat in their yards. They’re currently accepting grant applications for Fall 2023. With that, I’ll happily move the item. Thank you, Mr. Mayor.

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