May 26, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Janigo Understands Public Safety

Gary Link wrote a letter to the editor about Kristy's candidacy. He is a former police chief and retired Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Director.

Gary Link, former New Hope police chief and retired MN BCA director, with his wife Lorrie

"Maple Grove PD utilizes many great programs now but must continue to expand their community outreach services to best serve residents through prevention, planning, protection and response to criminal, and other safety and health needs. Responding to calls for service is a base line, not the optimal service we want in our city. Through my personal discussions with Kristy, I know she understands the challenges, demands and needs for public safety in Maple Grove. I strongly encourage you to vote for Kristy Janigo."

I am your neighbor who answers the call to service and works hard for you in many capacities.

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