May 26, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Janigo to Bring New Voice to Maple Grove Council

Kathy Yakal, a new Maple Grove resident, writes about her support for Kristy.

Electing Kristy to the Maple Grove City Council would add an important voice in this area. Specifically, Kristy wants the same things I do, like more trees and native landscaping. Clean water resources. Sustainable building practices and energy efficiency. Kristy’s Ph.D. in design and sustainability from the U of M would make her a great resource for the city.

Maple Grove has some affordable housing. But it needs more, according to a recent study commissioned by the city of Maple Grove, especially for seniors. Kristy recognizes this need and will work toward making it happen.

Kristy has prior military service and immediate family members in law enforcement. She feels passionate about public safety and wants to build on the trust that the Maple Grove Police have already developed in the community. She’s aware of how stressful the profession can be, and is aware of specific programs that could help better support these critical public servants.

Kristy wants to make an already exceptional community even better. She’ll have my vote in November.

Read the full text of the article here.

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