May 26, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Janigo is best for our city, my family

I have been a resident of Maple Grove since 2016. My husband and I chose Maple Grove as the ideal place to grow our family. We have welcomed two children since then, and our personal investment in the city has grown. I first learned Kristy Janigo’s name when I spotted a rock decorated on a trail near my home. I’ve spent time getting to know Kristy and what she stands for, and I will be enthusiastically voting for her this November for Maple Grove City Council.

"I am confident that Kristy will work in the best interest of all Maple Grove stakeholders when voting on the council and look forward to her vision of what Maple Grove can become in the next 4 years, and beyond. Kristy is easy to contact on her website, Facebook, and email. Give her a jingle anytime, and I’m sure she will be a compassionate ear to any concern and help you find a solution."

-Elizabeth Kibler, Maple Grove Resident

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