May 26, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Janigo, a Community Leader

Taya Brodin-Hanson wrote this letter to editor in support of Kristy's candidacy. She's lived in Maple Grove for decades, has raised children here, and has had a full career as a 9/11 dispatcher. She's the president and founder of a mutual aid nonprofit.

Taya Brodin-Hanson and her husband Sgt Aric Hanson

"[Kristy] leads with love and does so selflessly every single day. She is an amazingly unique balance of action and compassion. Her energy and desire to help all people is endless. Kristy’s attention to detail, connections in the community, and years of public service make her an ideal candidate for our city council.

It is time Maple Grove gets a fresh set of eyes on our city council ... We need someone who has impeccable integrity and who will always put the people of Maple Grove first. That person is Kristy Janigo."

I am your neighbor who answers the call to service and works hard for you in many capacities.

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