May 26, 2022

Kristy Joins Magnus Veterans Foundation Team, with Minnesota Legion Sponsorship for Ruck March

Kristy Janigo, a member of the Osseo-Maple Grove American Legion Post 172 and Maple Grove resident, is joining the Magnus Veterans Foundation team for the 2022 Nearly Naked Ruck March Twin Cities Sept. 10. She and the other team members will raise money for the mission of the MVF to help veterans, active military, and their families overcome challenges and obstacles they encountered during and after their service to our country including PTSD, mental illness, physical disability, and more. The march will depart from downtown Anoka and will proceed along the Rum River. There will be a celebration after the ruck’s conclusion at the Magnus campus in Dayton. The American Legion Department of Minnesota is sponsoring Janigo as a participant in the Magnus Veterans Foundation Ruck March. The MN Legion has formed a first-of-its-kind Suicide Prevention Coalition with the Veterans Health Administration in December 2021, with regular meetings and trainings to actively fight veteran suicide not only in communities where there are Legion posts, but statewide. Mental health services and suicide prevention are a major priority for Commander Jennifer Havlick’s administration and the Minnesota Legion’s 2023 legislative platform.

Area Legion member joins Ruck March to benefit veterans Sept. 10 | Free |

Kristy explains a ruck march:

“During my time in the Army, our rucks were filled with essentials – extra changes of clothing, protective equipment, MREs, bivouac gear, ammunition, and other supplies. You are carrying equipment on your back, worn, or strapped somewhere on your body,” said Janigo. “Depending on the mission, you could be carrying anywhere from 30 to 100 pounds. This will be less rigorous for most participants, but it is symbolic of what military personnel do during training and active service. It helps the public understand what it takes to protect our country’s freedom.”

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