May 26, 2022

Embedded Social Worker Remarks at 1.3.2023 council meeting

This is a great investment in public safety for our community. With the cost sharing formula and applying the opioid funding, our portion is only $35,000 for 2023.

Other agencies have had success with this program in taking care of specific needs that can cause emergencies, like mental health crises. 20 cities across the county have an embedded social worker, and 7 more cities will have one by the end of 2023 with a few of those cities adding another social worker to meet growing needs. Last year, I did two ride-alongs, and my more recent one was with Officer Damm in the domestic violence unit. Our officers are excited that this is coming, and so am I. This is another tool in the toolbox for public safety.

Read the full story here Maple Grove Police to Add Embedded Social Worker - CCX Media, and watch the video below.

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