May 26, 2022

Bill Johnson Endorses Janigo for Maple Grove City Council

People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care. – Theodore Roosevelt

I have known many great leaders during my time, who have identified with this quote. It was my privilege to have met one such leader, Kristy Janigo, a couple of years ago. She has spent a lifetime of service to her country and others. She served in the Army sacrificing her personal freedom to protect ours. As a member of a veteran’s service organization, she has inspired our members to help their community more. Along with that she has served on the board of her church.

The one thing I do know she really cares about the citizens of Maple Grove and will serve as a strong independent voice on the council representing all our interests. Having lived here over 44 years I can tell you that I am no one special, and because of that I know that Kristy will represent my interests as well as all citizens of Maple Grove. Because of this I am asking that you vote for her.

Bill Johnson

Maple Grove Resident & Veteran

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I am your neighbor who answers the call to service and works hard for you in many capacities.

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