May 26, 2022

2022 Memorial Day Ceremonies Planned

For veterans like Maple Grove legionnaire Kristy Ann Janigo, Memorial Day has always held a special meaning. From a young age, she attended Memorial Day commemorations with her grandfather, a World War II veteran. “It was always very impactful for me,” she says. “That’s one of the reasons I joined the Legion."

Images from Maple Grove Magazine and Memorial Day in Maple Grove

This year, Maple Grove and Osseo American Legion Post 172 will partner with Beyond the Yellow Ribbon (an organization dedicated to connecting service members with community resources) to host a public Memorial Day ceremony at Maple Grove Veterans Memorial in Central Park. Janigo encourages community members to take part in this year’s commemorations to show support. In past years, she says the Maple Grove Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day celebrations brought forth a lot of participation from community members and city leaders. “These days are a time for the community to come together to help better understand the issues that service members and their families face,” Janigo says.

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