When I worked in downtown Minneapolis, I hesitated to use the express bus to commute for fear of getting stranded if I had to work late. Our Commuter Express system offers bus service to and from downtown Minneapolis during rush hour. We have more than 100 express bus trips with 3,000 plus riders daily, however, there are few routes during the day and almost none after 7 p.m. We have two transit stations and three park and ride locations. Two of the park and rides utilize the parking lots of faith communities. Maple Grove has many more churches and several large healthcare facilities, presenting opportunities to expand park and ride locations.

Our city includes over 30 square miles of area, and some of the new apartment buildings are being built away from job centers in the city. Our mass transit system is not currently set up for robust intracity travel. Because we have the second highest retail square footage in the Twin Cities, we also have many people coming into our city for shopping and dining. We will need to ensure appropriate investment in our roads and infrastructure to support increasing car travel into and out of Maple Grove.