Job Creation

Many people must commute into and out of Maple Grove for work. Since moving to Maple Grove, I have commuted to work in downtown Minneapolis, Mankato, and even Duluth. Maple Grove has the second highest square footage of retails space in the Twin Cities next to Bloomington, but because it is so expensive to live in Maple Grove, many restaurant and retail workers cannot afford to live here.

Maple grove has benefited greatly from a vibrant community of small business owners, large retailers, local and chain restaurants, healthcare facilities, medical device manufacturers, information technology, and many other types of companies. I encourage growth of careers and jobs that support living right here in our community. We should support the design and creation of locally made products. Only about 10% of our firms are minority owned, and Maple Grove should welcome more BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) business owners to enhance our city’s diversity and culture. We will need to stabilize the retail environment after losing stores and restaurants due to the pandemic. We will have a chance to creatively think about what types of businesses might occupy vacant space to ensure sustained economic growth and a bright future for our city.