Community Engagement in Government

Maple Grove’s City Council members are currently elected on an at-large basis. All city councilors could feasibly be from the same neighborhood. The character and makeup of our neighborhoods vary vastly within our 32 square miles of land, and that is only becoming increasing so as Maple Grove continues to grow in population, well over 70,000 residents.

We will soon have access to the 2020 US Census data to give us insight into how our population has changed in terms of its diversity and distribution. I support moving to a ward system with city councilors elected from each ward following 2020 US Census tracts, as well as electing at-large city councilors, so all citizens are equally represented. A ward system would allow neighbors to elect someone who lives nearby, increasing accessibility to their council member to advocate for local needs. A related issue is that Maple Grove citizens do not participate widely in city government, and city meetings are usually lightly attended. I plan to promote greater transparency by scheduling listening sessions with citizens to hear concerns, answer questions, and share information about issues that are being discussed in city commissions and at city council meetings.